Navigating Interim Solutions for Workforce Gaps

The May jobs report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics indicates an economic recovery with strong employment figures.  However, employers should note some key trends for workforce planning this summer.

The US job market shows a low unemployment rate of 4%, with the addition of 272,000 nonfarm jobs, mainly in government, leisure and hospitality, and healthcare sectors.  However, national unemployment claims rose to a 10-month high of 229,000, and the labor force saw a decline of 250,000 workers.  Full-time employment decreased, while part-time positions increased.

With the summer season and the rise in part-time work seekers, HR professionals and business owners face the challenge of scheduling and finding experienced workers to fill gaps.  Hesitant to hire full-time staff before a full recovery, temporary workers may be the best interim solution. The critical question is finding qualified talent that aligns with your needs quickly.

Help is on the way

If you haven’t hired temporary workers before, having a professional agency like Partnership Employment alongside is helpful.  Partnership Employment responds quickly to its client’s hiring needs and finds permanent or temporary labor solutions that help you make informed decisions toward meeting your workplace demands.  

 First, considering the nature of the work gap is crucial when deciding between temps and consultants.  For example, temporary workers may be the ideal choice in operational or staff roles requiring minimal training.  For higher-level strategic positions, a consultant could provide the depth of experience you need to drive success.

Temporary workers can provide immediate relief to manage work gaps by handling day-to-day tasks, allowing the company to continue functioning while searching for a permanent hire.  This approach also offers the flexibility to scale the workforce up or down according to current business needs.  Temporary workers are conducive to short-term projects, seasonal peaks, or filling labor gaps before a sale or IPO. 

Over the past year, companies have predicted the slowing economy and cut back on permanent workers.  Relying on temps to fill labor shortages offers flexibility to scale up or down without the cost of expensive separation packages if the economy worsens.  Companies and employees also have the option to “try before they buy,” so neither get trapped into a long-term obligation that’s not a good fit.

Contract consultants, on the other hand, bring specialized expertise to tackle specific challenges or projects.  They can be valuable when the company requires high-level skills to navigate complex issues or guide strategic initiatives.  Consultants can also transfer knowledge and skills to existing staff, leaving a lasting positive impact beyond their contract term.

At Partnership Employment, we excel at swiftly and accurately matching the perfect candidate to your hiring needs, precisely when and where you need them.  The benefits are clear: reduced costs and saved time.  We take the hassle out of sourcing and screening applicants by tapping into our extensive pool of qualified candidates.  Whether you’re looking to fill a short-term summer vacancy or reduce overtime expenses using temporary staff, our skilled workers and knowledgeable consultants are ready to step in.  From rapid office staff replacements to expert help on specialized projects, let our experienced recruiters make your hiring process seamless.