Five Compelling Reasons to Kickstart Your Job Search in December

December is often seen as a time to relax and enjoy the holidays, but did you know it can also be an excellent time to look for a new job?  Whether you want to advance your career, change your industry, or find a better work-life balance, there’s a job waiting for you.  Many employers are still hiring and have plenty of openings in various fields.  For instance, a quick search shows some of our nation’s top employers had open positions in December:  Salesforce (510), Fidelity (659), and Microsoft (1,457).   If you act fast, you could land a high-paying job in IT, finance, engineering, program management, sales, or administration.  In this article, we’ll show you five reasons why December is a golden opportunity for job seekers.

1.  Companies Are Preparing for the New Year

As the year draws to a close, many companies finalize their budgets and strategic plans for the upcoming year.  This preparation often includes identifying talent gaps and planning for new hires. 

“We’ve seen a pattern of ‘new year’ job seekers who enter the market every January, drastically increasing candidate competition,” explains Ryan Stocks, a Senior Staffing Manager with Partnership Employment in Stamford, CT.  “Org charts and staffing plans are at the top of every hiring manager’s mind in December, so setting up an interview before the holidays is an excellent way to get ahead of the curve!” As you can see, by applying in December, you position yourself ahead of the January rush, increasing the likelihood of catching the attention of employers ready to make hires.

2. The Field is Wide Open

While others take a hiatus from job searching during December, you can gain a competitive advantage.  David Imm, Vice President of Legal and Compliance at Partnership Employment in New York, explains that though many people think January is when hiring really heats up, that’s even more reason not to  wait.  “Even if you are an excellent fit for an opportunity, if there is someone who is just as experienced, you will be faced not only with competition but a delay in decision making.  Candidates lose a lot of great opportunities by not seizing the best opportunity in front of them, a perfect opening with less competition, and a hiring manager who is looking to add a salary to the books before the new year.”  

Remember, with fewer candidates in the pool, your application stands out, increasing your chances of securing interviews.  Don’t let the misconception of a slow hiring month deter you—use it to your advantage.

3. Temp-to-Welcome Aboard!

December sees a surge in temporary positions and consultants to meet the heightened holiday season demands.  Why should you pay attention to these opportunities? 

“With new year planning underway, employers will utilize consultants to provide a fresh perspective and work on projects that will take shape in the next fiscal year.  Embracing a consulting role now establishes you as a proactive contributor and sets the stage for potential long-term collaborations in the future,” Stocks said.  He emphasized accounting and finance as particularly lucrative year-end opportunities.

Temporary or consulting roles can serve as a gateway to permanent employment.  Impress your employers with your skills and dedication during this temporary stint, and you might find yourself with a permanent position once the holidays are over.

4. Network While You Party

The festive season brings about numerous social gatherings and events.  Leverage these opportunities to network with professionals in your industry.  Building connections during December can lead to valuable insights, referrals, or even direct introductions to potential employers.

5.  Stars Shine Brighter During December

By actively searching for employment in December, you highlight your determination and eagerness for fresh opportunities.  This radiates a positive signal to hiring managers, showing your enthusiasm to take on new challenges without being swayed by holiday distractions.  Such an approach can potentially create a lasting impression, setting you apart from other candidates.

Finally, starting your job search sooner rather than later is advisable in light of global economic uncertainties and warnings of a potential slowdown in 2024.  The unemployment rate has shown a slight uptick, underlining the importance of proactive job-seeking.  If the process feels overwhelming, consider reaching out to experts like Partnership Employment.  Their knowledgeable recruiters can guide you through the local job market, connecting you with top hiring managers in various fields.  Additionally, exploring temporary positions through Partnership Employment can be a strategic move, providing a foot in the door for potential permanent roles. Don’t let the holiday season slow you down—use it as a unique opportunity to propel your career forward!