Best Paying Industries for Recent Grads

When you’re fresh out of college and entering the job market, the last thing you want is a job that would force you to live on your meager student budget for any more time. You want a high paying career that rewards your hard work, lets you show off the skills you spent years acquiring, and gives you enough cash to start paying back all those student loans.

The good news is, now is a great time to graduate. The job market is doing better than it has in a long time, and employers are ready to hire college grads and pay them the big bucks…or at least a reasonable salary that will allow you to ditch the ramen noodles for an authentic Italian fare.

If you are sending out your resume, scheduling interviews and dreaming of all the cool stuff you’re going to do with the great salary you’ll earn, consider one of these industries that has seen major job growth in recent years. ¬†Each of these industries offers high paying professional opportunities that will net you a hefty paycheck so you can enjoy your post-grad life.

Sales and Marketing

Sales and marketing jobs made the list of high paying careers for college grads which was prepared by College Choice. Average salaries for sales and marketing professionals were found to be between $44,300 and $84,100. Marketing professionals with a special talent for helping companies to land customers can expect to earn at the high end of the scale because their services will be especially in demand.

Financial Accountants

Also on the list from College Choice of top-paying careers for college grads are Financial Accountants. Accountants were found to make an average salary of $51,400 to $85,300. Accountants can focus on different specialties, so choosing a lucrative one that could allow you to land jobs with companies who need help maintaining financial records is often the best option if you want to maximize earnings.


As baby boomers age, there will be an increased need for qualified healthcare professionals throughout the care system. Nurses were one group of people identified as earning a lot after college, with an average salary for a nurse set at $56,900 to $73,600, according to College Choice. Statisticians who work in healthcare can also expect to see average salaries as high as $103,100 while OSHA health and safety advisors were earning around $51,600 to $81,800.

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