Change Lives.  Be a Recruiter!

Nearly everyone has worked with an agency to find a job at one time or another.  But did you ever think about recruiting as a career?  If you are an enthusiastic and motivated person and into helping others toward new and exciting opportunities, then recruitment might be the rewarding and fulfilling career for you!

Committed recruiters change lives

From Microsoft to 3M, every great business depends upon access to top talent for its next innovation.  However, many people don’t know how or where to access great jobs in companies like these.  That is where staffing agencies come in.  They function as the middle man, matching talent to the perfect job in the right company, saving job seekers hours of online form-filling with little result.  

Recruiters match a client’s needs with the applicant whose skills, abilities, and personality match the job description and the company culture.  So, if you like puzzles, this job is for you!  As a recruiter, you will use the agency’s network to source, mentor, and place permanent or part-time applicants so that your corporate clients can stay busy doing what they do best.  

A day in the life

Great recruiters love the entrepreneurial aspect of their jobs.  Each day is different as they look to provide their business clients with a competitive advantage by sourcing great hires for open positions.  

Your morning might begin by writing creative social media job ads based on your valued clients’ needs.  Then, by accessing job boards, contacting past applicants, or talking to those in your professional community, you will mine new applicants.  Processing job applications help you research and select only the best talent.  Once you have approved those who qualify, you might start a background check before introducing the client and booking an interview.  Finally, you will process job offers and complete the hiring paperwork to close the deal.

Afternoons might be spent playing a sales or marketing role, prospecting for businesses whose managers need help filling permanent or part-time positions.  Or you might stand for the agency at a job fair or attend a conference on labor market conditions.  But the most satisfying part of each day is making that phone call telling a successful candidate that their life is about to change! 

Behind every successful company is a great recruiter!

As a new recruiter, you will begin as a team member with a partner who will mentor and oversee your work, but once you have reached competency, you will have the freedom to grow your client base and prospects’ list.  What a terrific opportunity for those with initiative who value autonomy and control!  

As a bonus, you will gain valuable knowledge to enhance your career and management potential, including experience in human resource law, safety in the workplace, diversity hiring, and fair labor standards.  In addition, you will develop strong interpersonal and communication skills that will give you the confidence to speak with executives, negotiate salaries, and make recommendations on behalf of your candidate.  Finally, any marketing and sales experience will be beneficial as you will function as a brand ambassador for your agency to help attract top candidates.  

Because there is never a dull moment in recruiting, the best recruiters are competitive, professional, and have a strong work ethic along with excellent communication, organization, multitasking, and research skills.  While most recruiters have a bachelor’s degree in human resources, psychology, or business, do not discount your strong people skills that could be the ticket into this exciting and dynamic field.  Also, be sure to emphasize any professional certificates you have in customer service, management, labor relations, or past supervisory experience on your resume. 

And the best part?  The average recruiter salary as of December 2021 is $85,304.  According to, top talent acquisition and executive scouts or agency managers can make a median salary of $216,490.  Plus, some staffing agencies offer training, bonuses, benefits, and the best tech tools for the job.  

Do you have what it takes? 

If you are an experienced relationship-builder and contemplating your next career move, contact Partnership Employment today.  We are a full-service staffing agency that links top talent with corporate clients and business owners.  We are looking for enthusiastic and motivated individuals who love connecting people with success to join our team.  If you are unsure whether recruiting is the right career is for you, it only takes one phone call to find out.  Call Partnership Employment today.