When Job FOMO Gets Real!

Were you one of the 467,000 who decided they were not going to miss out on a plum job in January?  If so, congratulations on your workplace reentry!  

However, if you are one of the unemployed 6.5 million thinking about reentering the workforce, FOMO is here!  But there is still time to beat the crowd, leverage your skills and talent, and snag that once-in-a-lifetime career opportunity, but don’t linger much longer.  Here are four reasons to hurry:

1.    Good jobs are going fast!

Though recruiters are still struggling to find skilled talent, waiting much longer means you could miss out on the career move of a lifetime!  That’s because your competitors are already in the game.  According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), January recorded a low 4% unemployment rate, only a half-point off the record lows reported in 2020.  You might have heard that the labor market is tight in many fields, but much of the demand is for low-skilled and hospitality workers.  However, if you have experience in these fields: I.T., health care, legal, admin, marketing, management, or accounting, recruiters still want you!  You have a salary, benefits, and work-life balance-leverage right now, but who knows for how much longer?  Begin your search today so you can negotiate from a position of strength, not weakness!

2.   Get a big raise

If you haven’t worked since the pandemic started, you’ll be pleased to know that wages have increased across the board.  Dramatically, in some fields!  

Glassdoor recently reported median six-figure salaries in IT architecture, systems software engineering, marketing strategy, A.I./data engineering, and product management.  With average wages rising across the country, 2021 median household income was up 3.6% to $79,900 per year.  And depending on the job and state, your salary could average $74,189 (MA), $67,727 (NY), and $59,068 (IL)!  

Of course, having the right skills, personality, and a successful interview are necessary to attract the right offer, so it’s wise to work with an expert recruiter.   Partnership Employment can help you hone your resume and interview skills so that you receive the offer you deserve.    

3. Fight inflation while you can

Don’t have a job, and your partner is holding down the fort?  That’s a big ask when the inflation rate is at the 40-year high of 7.5% (CPI)!  

Did you know that items we need every day – food, gas, and housing – rose 6% in January alone?  In addition, a recent article in the Wall Street Journal reported that inflation is costing the average family an extra $276 per month!  So even if your partner was lucky enough to benefit from last year’s average 5.7% wage increase, your family is still losing nearly 2% per month in real wages.  

Time for a second income?  If your credit cards are growing like the national debt with higher interest rates likely, don’t despair.  With the kids back in school and Omicron waning, now is your best chance to join a great company doing work you love while bringing in extra income.  

4. You must be in it to win it!

While it is true that longevity with experience equals promotion and higher earnings, don’t let a hiatus from the workplace discourage you from seeking employment.  In fact, the quicker you return, the more likely it is that your COVID pause will not harm your career trajectory.  After all, you were in good company: in 12 months from February 2020, 4.2 million people, 2.4 million of them women, left the labor force.  However, waiting too long could age your credentials and damage your confidence.  

Start the reentry process by brushing up on your skills.  Take a class or read up on changes in your industry.  Reestablish contact with your old network and find out what’s new before posting your resume on job boards or accessing a professional recruiting service.  Expert recruiters work with hiring managers in top companies in your area so that you don’t have to muddle through the job boards yourself.  They will also help you prep for interviews to highlight your skills and experience while avoiding misunderstandings or biases about your personal situation and absence.  Their goal is to ensure that the fit is perfect for you, your employer, and the position. 

The future of work is changing

Right now, companies are willing and ready to invest in you.  If the pandemic has taught them anything, it is how valuable talented employees are to their success.  Innovators are looking for technical and soft skills like resilience, critical thinking, and collaboration attributes you likely developed during the pandemic.  Many employers are willing to upskill, while others offer work-life options that can help you meet the other commitments in your life.  So do not wait for the economy to level off!  Contact Partnership Employment today to explore your options.