Employers and Job-Seekers: The Autumn Hiring Harvest Begins, Starting Now!

With Labor Day behind us and the kids back to school, now is the time for companies and potential employees to connect.

As hiring managers hurry to place people ASAPin unfilled positions from the dog days of summer, job seekers will be happy to know that September and October are two of the hottest months in the jobs market.

In both instances, a sense of urgency will help maximize the chances of a win-win, company-employee match before the November doldrums.  Here are some ideas for both camps on how to quick-start the autumn hiring season:

For Hiring Managers:

When you ask most hiring managers what their biggest challenge is, you will most likely hear:  hiring the right person the first time.  If you need professional staff immediately but don’t want to rush the commitment, why not try a temp-to-permanent arrangement?

There are many advantages to temp-to-perm hiring.  First, committing to a quick hire only to find that the person is a poor fit is expensive and time-consuming.  You can reduce the risk of a bad outcome for both parties by testing performance and culture-fit for a set period, often 90 days.  In most states you will save on the cost of benefits like healthcare and vacation, and most importantly, unemployment insurance, since the position is only temporary unless you choose to make a formal offer.   Check with your state employment office for regulations pertaining to overtime and worker’s compensation requirements.

If you need permanent help immediately, don’t be tempted to choose from a limited candidate pool generated by an automated search engine that selects from resume lists of tasks and duties.  It takes time and several rounds of in-person interviewing in this tight job market to choose someone with a successful track record, the right skills and traits, and especially a person with the right personality, character, and attitude that can adapt to your organizational culture.

Great candidates are going fast!  Let Partnership Employmentpre-screen and refer only the best accounting, administrative, legal, IT, and human resources professionals to meet your requirements.

For fresh insights into some recent challenges around hiring, check out Partnership Employment’s blogs featuring topics like “Speed Up Your Hiring Process to Attract Top Talent,” hiring the multi-generational worker, and salary disclosure laws.

For Job Seekers:

September and October are hot markets for Americans seeking work.  If you are looking for a job you are in luck, because with the right skills and abilities this may be the best time to ask for the wage and benefits you’ve only dreamed about. Better yet, many companies are offering training if you don’t meet 100% of the qualifications.

Brush up on your personal marketing documents and practice your interview skills because despite the hot jobs market, you still need to distinguish yourself as top talent.  Sell interviewers on your unique skills, abilities, drive, and commitment, after first determining whether you are a good cultural fit for the organization. Research by talking to an employee in the company, requesting an informational interview, or by checking out Glassdoor’s company reviews and ratings.

If job hunting, interviewing, and negotiating seem overwhelming to you, try a temp-to-permanent position arranged by a professional agency like Partnership Employment.  Explore the listof job opportunities posted on their website and contact them so they can help place you in that perfect position.  If you decide after several months that the job feels like a career and your manager begs you to stay, contact your recruiter to help seal the deal.

While on the website, check out Partnership Employment’sblogs for candidates.  Read about how to separate yourself from your competitors by developing initiative, why you should clean up your “digital mess,” and how you can learn to be a leader even if you aren’t in charge.

Leverage experience, speed, and expertise by partnering with a professional staffing agency

With a record-setting 6.9 million job openings available right now, get a head start on the competition by contacting Partnership Employment today. Never has it been more important to partner with an expert recruiter than in today’s tight labor market.

Whether you needexperienced talent, or you arethe talent, Partnership Employment professionals will work hard to match top candidates with the ideal position.   In technology, finance, accounting, legal, office administration, or human resources, Partnership Employment’s staffing experts have already identified companies and candidates eager to connect.

The autumn hiring season is already upon us.  Visit Partnership Employment’s website today!

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